Life at my college

Hey peeps!

I now its been quite a while since i havent posted anything but today I am.

As you read by the title,that might seem boring or you go like’ “why is she telling us that”but i actually wanted to share that with you all.Actually i live in Lahore the capital of punjab,pakistan.

As i completed my matric(finished the school) me and my parents had to decide which college to choose for my intermediate (fsc),Alhamdulillah my grades were nice but there were other factors as well i.e location ,environment and affiliation with which board, on the basis of which we had to decide.

Me and my parents agreed on DEFENCE DEGREE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN because it was of the same educational institution in which i have studied and so called scholarship, they claimed of previos good results and NICE LOCATION AND ENVIRONMENT.

Well like every other teenager i thought that college would be different from school,we would bunk(I have never bunked),LESS STUDY MORE FUN.But it was not what i expected.

Yes,my college is a more strict and advanced version of school.We have to study even more, more harder and as im pre med student so its very hard to even think of bunking.

This doesnt mean that i dont have any good thoughts for my college.Every single person there is so freaking hardworking from teachers to gardners.I love the medium sized cozy building with a lush green garden with tress full of beautiful red flowers🌺🌹🌺

I admit the fact that they try very hard to make the kids score better.Yeah, and my result for fsc 1 is going to be announce on 8 /11 oct 2018.So just two weeks left.Pray for me guyz.

Every girl in my college has bad thoughts for it and they apparently hate it but i never understand why do they even come?😂

Love, xxxx


Trendy khussa(traditional shoes) inspiration

Are you a pakistani or indian or even an Asian then you might know about khussa which are actually traditional handmade flat shoes of different colours which are decorated in different ways.

Well,in this blog I am gonna give you all a complete guide of these funky shoes that you can rock on a wedding or can wear them with any traditional outfit.

If you are desi girl and want an inexpensive pair of shoes but at the same time want look trendy and cool than here’s a complete guide to choose a perfect pair this wedding season.

This above includes all the best fancy khussas. You can a kundan khusa or a khusa with metallic embroidery or even with shisha work.A nice bright colour can actually make the real difference.But a yellow khusa for mehndi function is just perfect.

But if want a khussa for daily work or need a simple but elegent than this painted khussa is the right option.

Well,my most favourite one is this one as it can go with any outfit and a white printed khusa must be a must have!

Hope this blog would me informative for brown girls who love khussas.Guys if you want me to write more blogs than please give me suggestions in the comments.




Coffee coffee!

Are you a coffee fan?


If yes,than you are reading your kind of blog.*me takes a sip of coffee while starting this whole thing*

I’LL tell you guys my story of being able to make the perfect coffee.Long time ago,nearly 4 years back when I found coffee an interestingly smelling thing!Than I started to make it.As I was a begginer I didn’t know that (TO BEAT BEAT BEAT BEAT) is the key of making a perfect mug.Well,as time passed I started to make it more frequently. To be honest that beating thing sucked me alot.I sometimes used to put way too much sugar,or I put cold water instead of warm more than the reqiured amount that had made the beating process PAINFUL SUCKING THING!

But now I’m really good at it. You might have heard the saying “practice makes a man perfect”

But I’m gonna tell you the secret today!take out your pen and note it down in your recipe book if you have one.



Instant coffee powder : 1/2 tsp for one cup

Sugar: according to your taste(2tsp)

Luke warm water : 1 tsp

Milk:1 cup


Take your favorite mug,put in the coffee and sugar.Add one tsp of warm water,as you’ll add it the sugar will dissolve instantly.Use a teaspoon to blend the paste.It would take 5 min or less and the coffee would turn out into a lighter peanut butter sort of a colour.This is it.Now boil the milk till bubbles are formed.Turn off the flame and pour the milk from a hight into the mug,this is the key to make ya coffee frothiest of the frothy!

Dude! You are done!enjoy.





The way you see your life shapes your life.

How you define life determines your destiny.Your perspective will influence how you invest your time,spend your money ,use your talent and value your relationships.

As you live in a huge society ,ask this question from everyone you “how do you see your life?” believe me you’ll get as many different answers as much there are different people.Someone would say life is like a rollercoaster,life is like a dream.While others would say its like a rainbow full of colours.

Life is never the same.If you consider it as a rollercoaster than it won’t move along the same path,it would take turns ;sometimes smooth turns and sometimes scaring.If you consider it as a dream than dreams are never always sweet.

Well,this is a big truth that life changes,after every moment.Each moment brings something different; sometimes happiness ,sadness, sorrow,excitement, anger,guilt,ambarrasment and lot more.But what the real thing is when you’ll see it with a good or positive perspective it would become good,just give it a try.Than you’ll say “life’s good!”

But when you’ll see it with bad thoughts or boredom or negativity it would turn out the same.That why sometimes”life sucks”

So be pessimistic no matter what,just be good have good.Life would definitely be good or better but never the worse or worst!

Give it a thought,Life’s good!



The perfect summer nail colour 💅

Hello,meh gurlies!hope you all are having an amazing amazing day.As you read by the title,my first blog post’s gonna be all about NAIL COLOURS that are perfect for summers. As we all know that summers are never too short and in these never lasting hot summers why not to make the cool nail game even more cooler and strong,yasss!

I personally love leight and less bright cool kinda colors in summers.This includes calmest shades of purple, blues and aqua colors.​​
Apart from blues some light greens are aslo gorgeous, cause we all love greenery greenery!​​
Well,these ones are from my personal collection.In summers nudes are also “a big yasss”I’ve mine from haute colour studio in the shade bare foot.

Funky pinks are also great for girly gurls out there!so here are all those pictures,by the way can you read that what I’ve written with that golden chain.Its “Do it”

I really hope you’ll find my first blog post informative.If you people have any questions or any ideas for my upcoming blog you can share them in the comment section below.